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Enjoy the atmosphere of our family wine cellar in Bořetice and chat with the winemaker’s wife about wines that have personality.

We want our guests to leave the wine cellar with the feeling that they have received the best we have and can do. We give our guests individual attention and we are glad when they come back to us regularly. The maximum capacity of the wine cellar is 18 people. If there are more of you, you can come for a guided tasting at the Baraque Wine Gallery in Velké Pavlovice (here the maximum capacity is 40 people).

Guided tastings are conducted in Czech and English.

In the cellar you can also taste wines that are no longer on sale. These are wines that are scarce or that we have kept for our own enjoyment. You can stop by for a short wine tasting or spend the whole evening with us. Please see below for the programs offered.


For whom the programme is intended

  • for groups that are only passing through Bořetice and do not plan to stay in the wine cellar for a longer period of time
  • those interested in buying wine directly from the winemaker who want to taste it first

What it includes

  • a guided tasting of eight types of quality and attribute wines
  • palate cleansers – cheese and bread
  • water
  • duration 1-2 hours

How to book

  • if we agree on a date, it is enough to book the Short Tasting 1-2 days in advance


Number of personsPrice
up to 10 persons2 500 CZK/group
11-20 persons250 CZK/person

If your group subsequently purchases wine for over 5 000 CZK, you will get a 1 500 CZK discount.

If you purchase wine for over 10 000 CZK, the tasting is free.


  • Stay with us for the entire evening and enjoy a guided tasting of Moravian wines including refreshments. First, there is a wine tasting “amidst the barrels”, usually led by the winemaker’s wife, by the winemaker himself, or by our own Wine Fairy. Then, you will be seated in the pressing room of our wine cellar, and treated to proper Moravian hospitality.

    Guided tastings are also conducted in English (must be reported in advance!).

For whom the programme is intended

  • for corporate events
  • for family celebrations
  • for a pleasant evening with friends

What it includes

  • a welcome toast
  • a guided tasting of eight types of quality and attribute wines, including palate cleansers
  • a hot meal – the same dish for the whole group; you can choose: pork goulash with bread, schnitzel with mashed potatoes/potato salad, roast chicken with bread, Moravian flamendr
  • refreshments throughout the evening – appetizer platters, butcher specialties, homemade spreads, cheese and bread as palate cleansers, pastries, fruit
  • unlimited consumption of selected wines from the current offer, water, also burčák (federweisser) if in season
  • coffee and tea on request
  • the basic duration is 6 hours, an extension can be arranged on the spot for an additional fee

How to book

  • seating in the wine cellar must be booked at least 10 days before the event


Number of personsPrice
up to 10 persons8 000 CZK/group
11-20 persons950 CZK/person


  • a full-evening hot buffet +150 CZK / person (in addition to the hot dinner) – available only for groups of up to 15 people
  • an extended tasting of 12 wines +120 CZK/person
  • a gift package of two bottles of wine for each participant +400 CZK/person
  • dessert +65 CZK/person

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’ll be happy to tailor a programme for you, email (lenka@vinarstvibaraque.cz) or call the winemaker’s wife at 776 823 694.