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About the winery

The idea of Baraque Winery originated with an all-inclusive stay in Egypt. At the time, we watched in amazement as the bar staff “made” rosé wine by blending crappy whites with even worse reds. We wondered if we were the only ones on the hotel staff who were wondering about this. How grateful we were for the four “sevens” of our wine that fit within the weight limit!

With our marriage bringing together two winemaking families, the idea of starting our own winery was only a step away. At that point in our honeymoon, we agreed that it didn’t matter if one understood wine or not – everyone should drink good wine. After all, wine is not even alcohol, wine is a lifestyle.

Wine is also a companion. Following the example of the great Karel Čapek, we characterize it as a personality.

“It would please me if I could taste wines of a balanced and resigned nature. I would go to a wine bar and say: “Mr. Chief, I should like a wine – how shall I put it to you? – a wine rather serious, no young fanfare and light-heartedness, but a wine mature and experienced, and yet, you know, full of faith, optimism and courage, a wine that knows art, is well-read and knows a part of the world, must have a sort of tragedy like Beethoven’s Adagio, but also a little indulgence and a little smile.”

Yes, a love of wine is undoubtedly a character trait, as is a positive attitude to life or faith in people. If you want to live your life and not just let events happen to you, if you work with enthusiasm and passion but still manage to pamper yourself in your spare moments, then wine is certainly your lifestyle too.

We believe that you will find in our wine just what you are looking for – relaxation, inspiration, a feeling of pleasant luxury or that proverbial truth. We put the best of ourselves into it.