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Are you looking for a suitable gift that can express your gratitude for long-term cooperation to a business partner, employees or an important client? A bottle of wine with personality carries a touch of luxury, an original story and a fun companion.

Are you afraid that you won’t know how to choose the wine?  That’s why we are here. We know our wines and the customers who like them. If you define your target audience in a few words, we can recommend a wine that should resonate with them. A different wine will be appreciated by the operators of renowned restaurants, another by the owners of nail studios. And with our help, you can give them just the right wine to suit their tastes.

When ordering from 60 bottles we will mark the bottles with a simple medallion with the company logo on a white or coloured background. In this way different types of wine can also be combined. Once the graphic design has been agreed, we usually deliver the wines within 10 working days.

If you want a personalized label or other individual solution, this is also possible, but you need to allow more time – we depend on the printer’s deadlines and it can take 3-4 weeks from the approval of the graphic design to the dispatch.

Email us at lenka@vinarstvibaraque.cz and we’ll send you a quote.

Did you know that…

Wine bearing the company logo is an advertising and promotional item and can be claimed as a tax deductible expense provided that it is a still wine with an alcohol content of less than 15% and the price of one bottle does not exceed CZK 500 (excluding VAT). All our wines meet these conditions. In addition, VAT payers can claim a refund of 21% of the sale price.


Are you looking for a place where you and your colleagues can have an unforgettable corporate teambuilding? Or do you want to take your potential business partner to a non-traditional space? We will realize your tailor-made event either in the wine cellar in Bořetice or in the experiential Baraque Wine Gallery in Velké Pavlovice. Feel free to contact the Wine Fairy at blanka@vinarstvibaraque.cz