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André 2015

André 2015 is a neglected variety because it carries the stigma of ‘sour and bitter’ from the past. After years in the bottle, our Girl from the Blue Mountains has mellowed into velvet and the girl with calloused hands is a mother who caresses gently with a hard palm. The aroma mixes red fruit marmalade with a hint of chocolate and sweet spices. The palate is full-bodied, pleasantly ripe and fruity with a fine acidity and a long chocolate finish.

Grüner Veltliner 2016

Veltliner from 60-year-old vines gave small and ripe grapes in the dry and hot 2016 vintage. A short maceration, spontaneous fermentation, twelve months of batonnage, six months of aging in a new Moravian wood barrel and a year in bottle before we sent the wine out for sale. If any wine in our range reflects the local terroir of the Nadzahrady route, it is this Veltliner.

Pinot Gris 2018

Pinot Gris is a versatile wine that can be paired with any occasion as well as more complex dishes. It boasts a selection of grapes. It’s easy to fall in love with this bottle, as the semi-dry Pinot Gris has a peppery passion and tenderness wrapped in peachy notes. If you’re looking for a wine for a best friend or a loved one, you can’t go wrong with Pinot.

"When making wine, I approach each grape with respect and faith in its individuality. I try to get the maximum potential out of the wine to bring out its personality. I like to look for small character differences typical of a particular vintage or variety that will set the wine apart from others."

František Machovský

"The winemaker's wife Stendhal said that wine is poetry in a bottle. I enjoy not only tasting the wine, but also translating the beauty I find in it into words. Our wines have personality, and they are best in company. That's why I'm happy to introduce them to guests in our wine cellar."

Lenka Machovská
the winemaker's wife